MacBook Pro 13 2019 Real Upgrade

Apple’s MacBook Air update in 2018, built up in many high hopes. The lightweight, retina display, larger screen real estate, good battery life, Touch ID.

Despite the weaker processor compared to the MacBook Pro, it should be enough for day-to-day use, in the absence for heavy video editing or excessive usage involves stronger processors, was a source for excitement.

The MacBook Air landed on my desk shortly followed the released date. At first it look to meet the forecasts, but promptly after, issues derived from connection troubles with the Bluetooth networks and electronic issues, breaking with sudden noises and ticks, along wireless unsuitability with devices and connectivity. Regardless to point out that Apple’s butterfly keyboard flaws surfaced. As a lengthy time mac user it was my worse MacBook experience. I got stuck with this MacBook Air, often visiting the Genius Bar working to resolve persisting issues.

Then, out of the blue without looking at it coming,  Apple quietly revived the MacBook Air and entry level MacBook Pro lines in July 2019, which turned out to be one of the most major upgrades in recent years followed with a price cut and adding value to features and power, is the MacBook Pro entry level model, which has gained several upgrades as Touch Bar, quad-core processor, Touch ID, a True Tone display, and the Apple T2 security chip for only additional $200 over the price of the MacBook Air which runs on dual core.

The impressive benchmark results that broke out quickly after the release made it an obvious decision upgrading to the entry level MacBook Pro. Customizing to 16gb RAM and a larger SSD Drive caused a short delay, justified the wait. [to be continued]

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